Risk Management

Managing risk is something every business owner or manager must do – but not all do it as well as they could. The QBusiness Solutions team has extensive risk management and planning experience and can assist you and your organisation with specific risk analysis and planning, as well as a number of training options to improve your management of and comfort with risk.

Naturally, when many think of risk management, they think of health and safety – and we offer a range of solutions for dealing with health and safety risks, which you can learn more about here. Risk, however, is as present in the boardroom as it is on the factory floor, and risk management should form part of every decision-making process.

At the core of our risk management process is the following method:

  1. Identify, describe, and assess threats
  2. Assess the vulnerability of critical assets to specific threats
  3. Calculate the risk (i.e. weight up the likelihood and consequences of a specific threat)
  4. Identify methods to reduce risk
  5. Prioritise risk reduction measures
  6. Implement risk reduction measures


This method is at the core of our:

Risk Analysis Services

If you and your organisation are facing an important decision, let QBusiness Solutions help you with the risk management aspects. Our highly skilled consultants can help you to analyse the risks of a specific course of action, drawing upon their broad industry experience and objective point of view, they often find hidden risks and solutions that you and your team may not consider.

Once the risks are identified, they can also assist with the planning and implementation of effective control measures, to keep you, your business and your people safe.

Risk Management Training

Risk Management is a key discipline in modern business, and we can assist you and your team to improve your skills and comfort in this area. Our programs include the concepts of group think, risk shift and risk compensation, and diagrammatic bow tie methodology; what’s more we can tailor a specific training plan for you and your organisation. For more information, visit our Training page here.

To learn more about our Risk Management services, contact us today.

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