The experienced team at QEnvironmental Solutions is able to help your business with all their environmental management and related needs. Whether you need a full Environmental Management System designed and implemented, assistance with an impact study, are struggling to implement new environmental policy at your workplace or you want to achieve ISO certification, we have the knowledge and practical skills to make it happen.

“Going Green” is more than just a tagline; legislative requirements and standards are becoming increasingly stringent and the penalties for organisations who manage their environmental responsibilities poorly – from not just governing bodies, but consumers and the media – grow ever higher. By the same token, the rewards for those with strong environmental credentials extend well beyond the balance sheet into areas like goodwill, positive PR and the tangible environmental benefits themselves.

To make sure you are on the right side of the ledger, QEnvironmental Solutions can:

  • Develop, modify and help to implement Environmental Policy and Environmental Management Systems (EMS)
  • Facilitate Environmental Impact Studies, undertake and document impact analyses and design and implement project environmental management plans
  • Offer Business Assistance, including the development and implementation of business and action plans, organisation and cultural change, and training and coaching
  • Provide on-going support services, including Environmental Monitoring and Reviews, analysis of non-conformance and environmental incident reports and qualified auditor assistance
  • International Standards Organisation and Federal Safety Commission Certification

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