Business Assistance

At QEnvironemntal Solutions we know that your environmental policies and initiatives don’t happen in a vacuum – they need to be a part of your everyday business. Sometimes reconciling your business aims and the need to preserve the environment can be challenging; policy can be hard to implement and short-cuts can be tempting. In recognition of this, we offer a suite of tailored business support to help you overcome these obstacles and simultaneously achieve your business and environmental goals.

Business & Action Plans

We can assist you and your team with the development and implementation of sustainable, minimal-impact business and action plans. Whether you want to implement a new environmental policy, conduct a non-statutory impact study or undertake an initiative like going paperless, we believe in taking a consultative approach, setting specific goals, and meeting them in set timeframes.

Organisational & Cultural Change

Meeting your legislative requirements or fully adhering to the relevant environmental standards sometimes requires more than a change in policy – it takes a change in attitude; Going Green is easy to talk about, but can be hard to achieve. We have consultants trained and experienced in the art of making organisational and cultural change. Whether it is aimed at your workers, management, or a company-wide paradigm shift, we can provide you with the tools and assistance to make it happen.

Coaching, Training and Induction

We are also part of a registered RTO and offer a range of coaching and training services across a number of diverse disciplines. We are also able to assist with the design of employee induction programs from an Environmental Management standpoint. For more information visit our Training page.

If you are unsure about the sustainability of some of your work practices or are finding resistance to your environmental policies, contact us and we can tailor a solution for you.

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