Environmental Management Systems (EMS) & Policy

At the core of your business should stand a detailed Environmental Policy and an Environmental Management System (EMS) to support it. This policy should recognise the finite and fragile nature of our environment and the very real need to preserve it, and the EMS should seek to support this aim, while also ensuring that your organisation meets its business goals, and all the required legislation and relevant standards set out.

At QEnvironmental Solutions we can assist with the creation, modification and implementation of your Environmental Policy and EMS; we can help by providing you with:

Legislative and Standards Compliance

Environmental Law and the standards surrounding Environmental Management are complex and constantly evolving disciplines, and the penalties for non-compliance are harsh. Partnering with us ensures that you receive the most up-to-date and accurate guidance, and that your policies and systems are comprehensive – meeting all necessary requirements.

A Practical Approach

We understand that, at times, environmental and business goals can conflict. Through our team’s extensive experience, we can help you to develop a balanced approach to such situations – ensuring the best possible outcome for both your company and the environment.

Effective Policy

For policies to be effective they need to be embraced by your entire workforce; for this to happen, they must first be understood. We strive to develop policy that is easy to understand and systems that are simple to follow. It streamlines the implementation process and, ultimately, provides a better environmental outcome.

If you are unsure if your policy or EMS is in line with the latest legislation, contact us today for an assessment.

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