Impact Studies

For many companies statutory Environmental Impact Studies (EIS) are a regular part of the business process. QEnvironmental Solutions recognise this and our experienced team is qualified to assist with all of your impact needs, including:

Impact Studies

We can facilitate a detailed EIS, taking into account any anticipated influence your project will have on flora, fauna, water, air and soil quality, as well as the economic, historical and social effect of the new development. Our EIS will be comprehensive; meeting all legislative requirements and relevant standards and ultimately ensuring a sustainable project with minimal environmental impact.

Environmental Management Plans

Once an EIS has been performed, we can tailor, and help you implement, an Environmental Management Plan (EMP) for your project. Our plans will take into account all the findings of the EIS and provide a clear and detailed roadmap for your project that will allow you to meet your business goals while also adhering to your environmental responsibilities.

Non-Statutory Impact Analysis

A statutory EIS is not always required, but best practice often calls for the documentation and analysis of potential environmental impact all the same. Our team can help you to determine the appropriate level of analysis required and undertake and evaluate the study to ensure that you are in the best possible position to proceed with a sustainable, minimal-impact project.

Emergency Management & Disaster Recovery

In the event of an emergency or disaster, your priority will always be your people and property. However, it is also vital that the environmental impact of these situations be taken into account. Our emergency management specialists can help you plan to minimise the environmental impact of any emergency situation and also prepare an in-depth Disaster Recovery Plan to help your business – and the environment around it – to recover from an unforeseen setback.

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