Policy & Quality Management Systems (QMS)

Your organisation’s commitment to quality needs to be reflected in both your policy as well as a comprehensive and fully-implemented Quality Management System (QMS). Everything QQuality Solutions develops takes into account the unique nature of your business, as well as our own eight quality management principles, which you can read here.

Quality Policy

For policies to be effective they need to be embraced by your entire workforce; for this to happen, they must first be understood. We strive to develop policy that is easy to understand and systems that are simple to follow. It streamlines the implementation process and provides a better quality outcome for everyone.

Our qualified team of consultants can assist you with everything from the drafting of policy, right through the implementation process.

Quality Management Systems (QMS)

Whether you are seeking a stand-alone or integrated QMS, or if you would like advice on which would suit your organisation best, we will develop a system tailored specifically to your business, your product and the needs of your customers and stakeholders. Alternatively, if you have an existing QMS, we can evaluate it and suggest and design modifications and improvements.

Beyond the development of the system, QQuality Solutions will also be there to help you with implementation and a range of on-going support services, which you can learn more about here

Quality is a journey, not a destination; to take the first step, why not contact us today?

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