Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)

Safe Work Method Statements are an important requirement for any high-risk work, and having a detailed SWMS is vital to ensure the task is done correctly, safely, and that any relevant pieces of legislation or codes of practice are adhered to. A QSafe Solutions SWMS does all this and more. By being:

The Most Comprehensive Available

We take pride in the high level of detail in our SWMS. By providing as much guidance as possible and making allowances for a wide range of scenarios, we make sure that with our documents your team are equipped for any situation.

Complaint with All Legislative Requirements

The detail also means that every legislative requirement is fully met. Our SWMS are designed both to preserve the health and safety of your team, and to provide you and your business with the best possible legal standing.

Clear and Easy To Understand

If you want your SWMS to be followed, it needs to be written and laid out so that everyone can understand it. Like all our documentation, we make sure that it is as simple and straight-forward as possible.

Developed Specifically For You

A generic SWMS will never contain the level of detail to ensure the job is done correctly – let alone provide adequately for the safety of your team or fully meet your legislative needs. All our SWMS are created specifically with the needs of your particular task and workforce in mind.

In addition, all our SWMS come with copies of the relevant legislation and codes of practice, as well as the promise of QSafe Solutions’ on-going assistance and support.

For a sample of one of our SWMS documents, click here.

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